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Elisa Nolletti Lanera
(5/12/64 - 11/28/85)

The Elisa Lanera Foundation was created in the memory of Elisa Nolletti Lanera, mother of Jaymie Lanera, who was killed by a drunk driver three days after Jaymie's first birthday. In addition to a loving mother and a devoted wife to her husband, James Lanera, Elisa was a warm-hearted person who brought sunshine and an infectious smile into the hearts of everyone she met. Even for those who only met Elisa for five minutes, were touched by her for the rest of their lives. Although taken from us extremely too soon, Elisa's love and zest for life will continue to enlighten souls around the world through her daughter, Jaymie Ashley, and the Elisa Lanera Foundation.


ELF's Inspiration:

In May of 2008, Jaymie Lanera (ELF Founder) was nominated and chosen to serve as an international delegate for a Nursing Scholarship program in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.

"During this time, I learned all about the large HIV/AIDS epidemic in classrooms, clinics and by reaching out to people in the local communities. Hearing their stories and learning many facts about the society and culture was heart-breaking. I faced many other day-to-day cultural and social issues which twisted my mind and tug wretchedly at my heart. This spiritually life changing experience changed my entire outlook on life and on my future. Everyone has some direction when it comes to their future, but me, I was lost. And there in the middle of a foreign land, I found mine. I finally heard my calling and was instantly inspired and dedicated to become more deeply involved with the communities- in any way that I could."

Jaymie's experiences therefore influenced the initiative to establish ELF. Sure enough, six months later, Jaymie returned to Africa to begin her research and gain further knowledge for the organization about the education and health care procedures in other African countries. She spent six months teaching and organizing educational classes and activities at a school in a local village in Ghana. She also spent three weeks in Uganda, teaching at an orphanage and working in the public hospital's HIV/AIDS health clinic.


Who we are:

Jaymie Lanera - Executive Director & Founder:

As an undergraduate, Jaymie studied at: the Institute of American Universities (Aix-en-Provence, France), the Umbria Institute (Perugia, Italy), Somerville College of Jaymie LaneraOxford University (England) and received her BA from St. Bonaventure University (NY) in 2006.

Post-graduation, Jaymie furthered her studies at: La Sorbonne University of Paris (France), American University (Washington, DC), and completed a course with TEFL International to receive her TEFL certificate. She also served as an international delegate in South Africa with the International Scholarship Laureate Program (ISLP).

Jaymie has traveled all around Europe and many countries of Africa, learning about and exploring other cultures. Her passion was found in Africa! The memory of her mother, Elisa Lanera (1964-1985) and the emotion of her experiences were her inspirations for starting ELF.

Kristin Collins - Co-Director & Co-Founder:

Kristin Collins, grew up in New Milford, CT and currently resides in Westchester, NY. Kristin has wide-ranging knowledge and experience with education and childhood studies. She attended Plymouth State University where she studied PKristin Collinshysical Education, Special Education, and Communications with a focus on Media Studies.

In 2006, Kristin was working as a Contract Compliance Specialist for Cartus Corporation in Danbury, CT. In September of 2009, she decided to dedicate her time and efforts to a higher purpose: ELF. Currently, Kristin is working with Jaymie to build and establish the Elisa Lanera Foundation.

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